Ramsay Cancer Care is committed to the ongoing education of its workforce and the wider medical community.

Development opportunities for Cancer Care Nurses

Professional Development/Affiliations:

  • CNSA
  • COSA
  • Ramsay Cancer Care Community of Practice
  • CCN professional framework
  • Pinc and Steel
  • Community of Practice
  • Foundations in clinical oncology pharmacy
  • Gap in interdisciplinary learning

Scholarships and Grants

  • Ramsay scholarships and professional development grants
  • Future Leaders programs
  • Post graduate scholarships
  • Rehab scholarships

Career Pathways (novice, complex, advanced)

  • Clinical Oncology Pharmacy
  • Novice program

Ramsay competency and skills programs

  • Oncology Pharmacy Program and Framework (oncology pharmacist)
  • RTI – online modules Exercise and Cancer (physio)
  • ADAC (nursing, JMO, pharmacy)
  • Novice program – (nursing)
  • HPH cancer and physiotherapy competencies
  • HPH + Mt Wilga Lymphoedema competencies

Connecting research and education

Each Ramsay Cancer Care Centre will have to have access to a clinical trials unit that offers clinical trials to cancer patients.

Each Clinical Trials Unit will form the hub for research activities in the hospital and will work with the service line to improve access to research and to embed research in care delivery.

Each Clinical Trials Unit will also be a part of the Ramsay Research Institute and as a national research group will seek to develop some key achievements that will support the growth and advancement of research nationally.