About Ramsay
Cancer Care

Together we can strive to beat cancer

For more than 50 years, Ramsay has been delivering on its mission of People Caring For People. Now, Ramsay Cancer Care brings that commitment to the diagnosis, treatment and recovery from cancer.

Ramsay Cancer Care delivers high-quality, personalised and holistic care through its national network of Ramsay CancerCare centres, ensuring patients have access to specialised care when and where they need it.

With personalised treatment plans, highly skilled teams and a national connected care network, Ramsay Cancer Care opens the door to cohesive medical, clinical and supportive care, giving you the best chance of beating cancer.

What makes a Ramsay Cancer Care Centre different?

We Care.

Ramsay Cancer Care is supportive, caring and person-centred. We strive to do best by our patients, creating individualised cancer care pathways to meet their needs.

We are Collaborative.

Ramsay Cancer Care is accessible and flexible as we work together for better outcomes. We build highly-skilled and collaborative teams who work together to give our patients what they need.

We are Trusted.

Ramsay Cancer Care is professional, committed and reputable. With 50 years’ experience of People Caring For People, we are committed to listening to and respecting our patients needs, and delivering tailor care that is right for them.

We are Innovative.

Ramsay Cancer Care is a contemporary thinker. We don’t accept the status quo and are always striving for better outcomes, seeking new innovations in research, treatments, practices and models of care.